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How it Works

Scenario 1 : Finding Qualified Tradesmen - You Need People

  1. Join, go to search and find a tradesman that meets your needs. Create a request to book the tradesman you want.
  2. The lending contractor will confirm or decline your request and you will get an email notifying you one way or the other.
  3. When confirmed, contact the lending contractor to arrange the details.
  4. When the job is complete, rate the lending contractor and the tradesman.

Scenario 2 : Posting your Own Tradesmen - Your Talent is Sitting Idle

  1. Join, add your tradesmen, and set their availability.
  2. Other contractors will search for, find, and request to book your tradesman.
  3. When you receive a booking request, you can confirm or decline it.
  4. Make contact with the borrowing contractor to arrange the details.
  5. When the job is complete, rate the borrowing contractor.

How Credits Work

Credits are the currency of guildshare.com - and are charged to the lending contractor only. Members may post and book ("borrow") tradesmen without being charged credits.

Credits are only charged to the lending contractor when a booking is confirmed. For example, you (the "borrower") book a resource from contractor A (the "lender"). Contractor A will be charged 1 credit upon confirmation of the booking.

There are 3 ways to get credits:

  1. Membership Plan Credits - You will get a certain number of credits each month depending on the membership plan you select. These credits expire after 90 days. You may adjust your membership at any time to get more or fewer credits each month depending on how much you use the site.
  2. Purchased Credits - you may purchase credits at any time if you have exhausted your monthly credit amount. Purchased credits expire 365 days from date of purchase
  3. Bonus Credits - You can earn bonus credits from promotions and referral programs that we'll offer from time to time. Bonus credits never expire.

Membership Plans

Guildshare offers a free trial that allows you to post your tradesmen online and search for free. However, in order to confirm a booking or to book other contractors' tradesmen, you'll need to sign up for a plan.

There are a number of plans available (see: membership plans) that you can select depending on how much you will use the system.

You can change plans at any time.

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