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Membership Plans

You can join guildshare.com for FREE.

Ultimately, you don't pay a dime until we provide some value to you.

When you do select a membership plan, we have priced them so that it's a "no-brainer".

With our lowest-priced membership plan, completing a single booking in the system can more than pay for an entire year of membership in saved time, costs, more revenue, etc.

Complete several bookings in the system and you are way ahead.

Available Plans

With each membership plan, you receive a certain number of credits. Credits are used to complete bookings (see: how it works).

If you don't use all of your credits for a month, they roll over to the next month. Plan credits are good for 90 days. Credits that you purchase outside of the plan are good for a year.

All membership plans auto-renew monthly and you can cancel at any time prior to your next bill date.

See the Membership Agreement for more specific details.

Membership Plans
Monthly Price Plan Credits Included
$25.00 3
$35.00 5
$50.00 10
$75.00 20
$100.00 30
Additional Credits
Price Credits
$20.00 5
$35.00 10
$60.00 20
$85.00 30