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Guildshare for Staffing Agencies

Because Guildshare is primarily a community of tradesmen, we must serve their interests first.

We believe that we can include staffing agencies in guildshare.com while still serving our members' interests.

However, that means that our tradesmen members will always get "first bite of the apple".

When a staffing agency posts tradesmen into guildshare.com, those tradesmen will only be available via a secondary search if there are no available tradesmen fitting our member's search criteria.

We serve our members best when they can find the tradesmen to staff their jobs. When there are no available tradesmen, providing easy access to the pool of agency tradesmen also helps them by providing a another set of people to staff jobs.

Guildshare.com is a great way for temp staffing agencies to augment their business. By posting tradesmen and enabling booking online, agencies can get additional business without making sales calls and can establish new relationships.

Guildshare.com can become one of your most important channels.

Please contact us if you are a staffing agency and are interested in accessing the guildshare.com community of tradesmen.